About Us


We are a small online Kpop store managed by a legit Kpop family.

  • Agnes: the Shawol mom
  • Nicole: the multi daughter and the one primarily managing this site and all social media
  • My other siblings sometimes help.

After attending overseas Kpop concerts for many years, we knew how hard it was for overseas fans to buy event limited goods. So we decided to buy a little extra and open this store!

Why you should buy from us?

  • We are a registered business in CA and work as a hybrid between a legit store and a fandom GO site.
  • We believe in:
    • Fast shipping,
    • Really well packaged orders,
    • Great customer service, and
    • Helping fans get their bias in CDs random pick!
  • We do take requests for GOs! And you can back out of our GOs at any time before shipment, no problem!
  • We also like to participate in fan projects, so if you have any, tell us!

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See our Masterlist of GOs here!